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Broadhead Data and Analytics focuses on the not-for-profit sector. This focus impacts who and how we hire, and the spirit of our work; we know that our work makes a difference in the world. We feel our work for you is a small (unseen) part of the great work you do to make the world a better place.

Data entry is often seen as tedious and/or difficult -- a task which you find yourself having to do every now and then. Data entry is something that you simply don’t want to do. But, what choice do you have?

It takes a lot of time and effort, and is very meticulous work. But, when you have data that needs to be entered, then you simply have to spend the time necessary to get it done…unless you can find another way to get it done. This is where our professional data entry service comes in; we have the experienced and skilled staff to complete your data entry.

“Doing what we do best, to make it easier for you to do what you do best.”

Accurate data is vital for success and continuity. But, getting that data into a usable form may be a challenge for you or your staff. It is unlikely that you were hired to do data entry. So, the time you spend entering that data, the more time away for your primary responsibility. In other words, you can’t do what you do best, because you’re busy doing what we do best.

Let’s fix that, and get the right people doing the right jobs; so that you can focus on your mission.


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We Care

Allow Broadhead Data & Analytics to shift the workload of data entry off your staff, so you can do what you are called to do.

We care about your data, because we know it is important to your work. As we work through your data, we become an adjunct part of your mission.

Full Service

A full service data entry firm, Broadhead Data & Analytics offers a broad spectrum of data entry: written, numerical, alpha-numeric, and imaging formats.

Based on your needs, we can format your data in a wide array of formats, or even host if for you in our dual-encrypted, cloud database.

Yours or Ours

But, where we really stand out is our willingness to learn YOUR system. We are willing to train a range of staff on your database (CSRM).

We will work in your system, using your data entry business rules. After all, how helpful is it to have the data where (or how) it isn’t easily accessible.

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